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"The challenging issues that the world faces right now require deep thinking [and] creative approaches. It is vital to study the past if we are define the future."

Elias Papaioannou, Professor of Economics, Academic Director, Wheeler Institute for Business & Development. 

Today is London Business School’s 24-hour giving day - an opportunity for everyone to get involved and make a gift, whatever the size, to help amplify the work of our acclaimed teachers and fund more grants for ground-breaking, game-changing research.

Research, led by curious and dedicated faculty, is the beating heart of LBS. Investing in and amplifying our faculty’s research enables us to have a profound impact on the world.

Thanks to a generous donor, every gift is being matched pound for pound, so your gift is worth even more. But we only have 24 hours, so whether you graduated this year or 50 years ago, or you’re connected to us in another way, your gift will have its biggest impact today.

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